About me

Hello there, I am Nancy.

Actually my full name is Nevena Acimovic, but can you pronounce that? Exactly.

I was born and raised in Serbia in 1994, but I currently live in Munich, Germany. With that being said I speak Serbian, German and English on a daily basis and sometimes it gets kinda crazy. I recently graduated from the University of Augsburg where I majored in Germanistics and minored in Economics. You think that's a weird combination? Me too, but it made sense at the time I promise.

I started my Youtube channel in December 2018, and it was probably the best decision I ever made. It took me really long to make that step, but I am glad I did it. I knew for years now that I wanted to work in the marketing field and since creating my channel it became crystal clear that marketing is my thing. Marketing is not only about the numbers, it has a creative side to it as well, and it's really interesting - at least to me.

When I start writing I can't stop (same thing with talking btw), so I will just say - check out my vlogs to get to know me better and thank you for being here.

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